Writing & Graphic Design

Patricia Fagan web design and hostingPress Release & Technical Writing

MP Fagan LTD offers services to small business and organizations to help them get started on a plan to use both the traditional local media, online and social media to help spread the news about what they have to offer. We can write and deliver press releases about your business or organization to the local media. The role of a press release, a flyer, signs, a photo with a caption or an ad in the local newspaper is still an important tool for spreading news and sharing information.

Promotional Brochures & Pamphlets

Let people begin to get to know you. Let them see and know more about you, learn about your products, services or what you have to offer them. Without knowing you this way, there will be little or no chance for them to become your customer. M.P. Fagan, LTD can prepare, write and produce professional pamphlets, posters, brochures and more for your business to tell your story.

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